Payment Integrations

Connect Kable to your accounting software to process invoices

Kable integrates with leading payment providers to enable you to automatically collect payments from your customers.

By connecting your payments solution to Kable, Kable can automatically process customer invoices and collect payment from your customers. To get started, simply connect your payment software and link customers to their accounts in external services.

Connect Your Payment Software

You can connect your payment software from the Payments tab of your Kable dashboard. In this connect flow, you will authorize Kable to read and write data to your payments system and invoice your customers.


Payment integrations are only available to Kable customers on a paid plan.

Once you've connected your payment software to Kable you'll be able to link customer accounts across services.

Supported Integrations

Find additional details about your specific payment provider below:

  • Stripe
  • (coming soon)
  • Paddle (coming soon)

If you use a payments solution that we do not yet support, please let us know.


Kable uses Stripe Connect to process customer invoices on your behalf.


You can learn more about Stripe Connect through Stripe's documentation.

Connecting to Stripe

Stripe Connect allows you to connect your Stripe account to Kable and grant authorization to Kable to create invoices on your behalf.

Connecting your Kable account to Stripe is easy. From the Company tab in your dashboard click Connect to Stripe to enter the Stripe Connect flow. Upon successful connection to Stripe, you'll be returned back to the Kable dashboard.

Linking Stripe Customers

Once connected to Stripe you can assign Stripe customer IDs to your Kable customers.

  • If you have existing Stripe customers, you can pass a stripeCustomerId into your Kable create customer request or you can manually set a Stripe customer ID for a customer in the dashboard..
  • If you do not have existing Stripe customers, Kable can create linked Stripe customer profiles for you when you create customers on Kable by adding a stripe=true query parameter to your create customer request.

It is up to you to ensure that each Stripe customer has a default payment method on file to process Kable invoices. If you need to collect credit cards from your customers to store in Stripe, you can use the add customer payment method API to generate a short-lived Stripe Checkout URL to collect a credit card.


When using Kable with Stripe, your customers must be configured with a default payment method. If a customer is missing a default payment method, invoices will fail to process through Stripe with a requires_payment_method error.

If you use Kable to create Stripe customers or collect customer payment methods, Kable will set this up for you automatically.

If you have questions about Stripe default payment methods, please let us know.

Invoicing through Stripe

When Kable invoices your customers through Stripe, your customers won't even know that Kable is there. The branding, copy, and messaging on any Stripe transactional emails and notifications will be defined by you. You can configure and customize your branding and theme on your Stripe dashboard.

Managing Stripe Invoices

Kable invoice IDs and customer IDs will always be included in the metadata of an invoice created on Stripe, so you can always tie Kable invoices back to Stripe invoices.

Once Kable sends an invoice to Stripe, that invoice cannot be updated on Kable. Data only flows one way in this regard -- if you make changes to an invoice directly through Stripe, those changes will not be reflected in Kable.

Stripe Environments

Stripe has distinct Live and Test environments. Kable also has Live and Test environments. When you go through the Stripe Connect flow to link your Stripe account to Kable, you are linking your Stripe Live environment, not your Stripe Test environment, to Kable. This means Kable only has access to your Live Stripe environment.


Some Stripe functionality is limited in the Kable Test environment.

Because Kable only has access to your Live Stripe environment, some functionality is limited in the Kable Test environment. Part of this limitation stems from a limitation of the Stripe Connect flow, and part of this limitation is by design to prevent unintended Live charges on Stripe occurring in response to actions in the Kable Test environment.

The following functionality is limited or restricted in the Kable Test environment:

  • Processing a Test invoice through Stripe (Because a Kable Test invoice should never trigger a Live Stripe charge, we restrict what you can do with Test invoices on Kable.)
  • Charging a customer for a Test credit grant (Because a Kable Test credit grant should never trigger a Live Stripe charge, we only allow Test credit grants to be issued on Kable without a chargeAmount.)