How are customer invoices calculated?

Invoices are generated at the end of a customer's billing cycle. They are calculated based on the plans assigned to that customer and the usage metrics recorded during the billing period. If you haven't already read the sections on plans and usage metrics we recommend you read those before continuing here.

Generating Invoices

Invoices are generated automatically at the end of each billing cycle, and they can also be generated manually through the dashboard.

Scheduled Invoices

Kable automatically generates invoices at the end of each customer's billing cycle.

All billing cycle cutoffs are bounded at midnight UTC. Kable waits one hour after midnight to process invoices (to account for any delays in delivery), but honors only events timestamped within date boundaries in a given invoice.


As an example, if a customer's billing cycle ends on the 30th of the month, metrics recorded at 10:30am PST on April 30th will be counted toward the April invoice, while metrics recorded at 9:30pm PST on April 30th will be counted toward the May invoice (because 9:30pm PST is 4:30am UTC on May 1st).

Manual Invoices

You can also generate invoices manually from the Invoices tab in your dashboard. Generating invoices manually is not recommended in the Live environment, but it can be a great way to test your implementation in the Test environment.

Processing Invoices

If you have connected your account, Kable can process customer invoices through Stripe on your behalf.

  • Scheduled invoices will automatically be processed through Stripe for any customers who have a Stripe customer ID defined.
  • Manual invoices will not be processed through Stripe. However, if you'd like to manually process an invoice through Stripe you can do so by clicking Charge on the invoice.


You can read more about invoicing through Stripe in the Payment Integrations section.

Accessing Invoices

Once invoices have been generated, they are available for download from the Invoices tab in your dashboard.

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