Defining Dimensions

What are your important metrics?

Dimensions are metrics that are meaningful to your business. They explain what you want to measure in your API, and form the basis for any metrics, dashboards, or pricing plans you define. When you record usage metrics, dimensions tell Kable what is important to you to track.

Dimensions have three parts:

  • Name: Name is a human-readable description of the dimension. Dimension names will appear in dashboards and on invoices.
  • Key: Key refers to the key in a JSON key-value pair, and uniquely identifies a dimension when you record usage metrics in Kable.
  • Value: As you may have guessed, value refers to the value in that JSON key-value pair. When you record a metric along some dimension, the value is the stored and considered in aggregations by Kable.

You can define dimensions in the Dimensions tab of your dashboard. You'll set a name and key for each dimension. You can also control whether or not the dimension is visible on the main page of your dashboard and in any customer-facing embedded dashboards.



You may have heard the term "meter" before. This term often describes the same concept as the Kable dimension. We believe "dimension" to be more self-explanatory and easier to understand as terminology.

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