Customer Plans

How should each customer be billed?

Customer Plans are the plans to which a given customer is subscribed. Customer plans, along with the usage metrics you record, determine how much a customer will pay in a given invoice cycle. If a customer has no customer plans, then they will not be charged.

Plans can be assigned to customers manually from the Customers tab in your dashboard or programmatically through the API.

It is very common for a single customer to be subscribed to many customer plans. (In fact, it's uncommon for a customer to have only one plan.) To illustrate an example, consider the following example of Moneylion, a financial API that helps fintech apps connect to customer bank accounts, who charges its customers:

  • $500 per month as a base subscription fee for using the service
  • $2 per month per active user on the platform
  • $0.10 per API request

For each customer, Moneylion would assign three customer plans:

  • a flat base fee of $500 per month
  • a usage-based unit price of $2 per month based on the distinct count of active users
  • a usage-based unit price of $0.10 per month based on the count of requests


Notice the presence of a price type, price, currency, dimension, aggregation, and interval for each of the plans above. These are all values you'll define when creating plans in the dashboard.


You should make sure that a customer's plans are aligned in terms of billing cycles. For many plans, the start date does not actually matter, as usage dictates the amount to bill. But for subscription plans paid in advance, misaligned billing cycles could cause incorrect billing behavior.

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