Customer Payments

Processing payments for your customers

Kable has partnered with Stripe to enable automatic payment processing of customer invoices. If you use Stripe for payments, integrating your Stripe account with Kable is easy.


You can learn more about connecting your Stripe account to Kable in the Payment Integrations section.

Once connected to Stripe, you can include a Stripe customer ID on each Kable customer. These Stripe identifiers allow Kable to charge customers on your behalf. If you've connected your account to Stripe and provided a stripeCustomerId on a given customer, invoices generated for that customer will automatically be charged to the customer's credit card.

If you don't already have a payment method on file in Stripe for a given customer, you can also use Kable to collect a credit card. Using the Kable API within your signup flow will allow customers to add a payment method to store in Stripe.

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