How should metrics be evaluated?

Aggregations define how a given metric is evaluated. If dimensions are the what, then aggregations are the how for a given measurement.

Aggregations help define how usage metrics are evaluated for pricing plans and in dashboards. When defining a pricing plan, you'll set both a dimension and an aggregation to determine usage. Your dashboards also will reflect dimension metrics through some aggregation.

The following aggregations are supported by Kable:

  • Count: Counts, as the name implies, count the total number of occurrences of some dimension. Common uses of count include:
    • count of requests to your API
    • count of messages sent by your API (as in the Mailman example in Quick Start)
  • Count Distinct: Distinct counts track how many unique occurrences of some dimension occur. Common uses of count distinct include:
    • count distinct of active users of your API, popular with authentication APIs
    • count distinct of accounts accessed through your API, popular with financial APIs
  • Sum: For numerical values, you may want to sum values accrued over some duration. Common uses of sum include:
    • sum of revenue accrued, popular with financial APIs
    • sum of instance seconds, popular with infrastructure APIs

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